Power Up Your Home or Business

Work with our experienced local electrician

Is the electrical panel at your commercial site overdue for an upgrade? Need someone to repair or update the wiring in your home? Whatever the situation, you can count on the electrician at Closed Loop Electric LLC to get things done right the first time.

We help homeowners and business owners in Duluth, MN with their electrical projects, upgrades and repairs. Our electrician makes it easy for you to get reliable and consistent electricity for all your rooms, appliances and lighting features.

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Why work with us?

At Closed Loop Electric, we want to help you bring your home or business to life. Whether you need to power your new ceiling fan or advanced machinery, our electrician will make sure you have the power you need.

You can count on us because we:

Have over 15 years of industry experience
Provide excellent customer service
Treat your home or business with respect
Always arrive on time and stick to set deadlines
Never cut corners or rush through a job

Plus, we offer free consultations on all of our services.

Get rid of your old lighting fixtures

As part of our electrical services, we can update any of the old lighting fixtures on your property. Our electrician will make these fixtures compatible with modern LED lights without needing to completely remove them.

We can even add Wi-Fi lighting controls. That way, you can control your lights using your smart speaker, tablet or phone.

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